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Karina provides mentorship in food manufacturing quality

Mentorship in Food Manufacturing Quality - Free

Free Mentorship in Food Manufacturing Quality Do you know an aspiring quality control professional who needs a little bit of mentorship? Our Foundation has received funding to pay for Karina Rodriguez to mentor five entry-level Quality professionals in food manufacturing facilities within commuting distance of Orange County. Karina is a Quality Control Consultant for food […]

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"Right Fit Job" for the South Bay Professionals Association

“Right Fit Job” for the South Bay Professionals Association Finding the right fit job in the ever evolving global workplace was the topic when Rosemarie Christopher spoke to the South Bay Professionals Association.  To retain Rosemarie to speak to your group or to see powerpoint presentations about being employable no matter the state of the economy, […]

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Top 5 Retention "Carrots" (Rewards)

Top 5 Retention “Carrots” (Rewards)   Top five “carrots” to entice employees to stay with a company, according to Career Builder’s nationwide survey of hiring managers, HR professionals and workers: Salary increase 70% Better benefits 58% Flexible schedule 51% Employee recognition 50% Ask for employee feedback and put into action 48%

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Get Hired and Stay Employed in a Multi-Generation Workforce

Get Hired and Stay Employed in a Multi-Generation Workforce Career Workshop & Mock Interview Session Getting Hired and Staying Employed in a Multi-Generation Workforce Presented by Rosemarie Christopher, President/CEO of MEIRxRS   Are you ready? Can you earn top dollar? Can you showcase your skills? Can you communicate your worth? The workshop is an interactive session […]

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2013 Jobs in Demand

2013 Jobs in Demand If you’re finding it hard to find quality candidates, you’re not alone. CIBC World Markets recently published a study reviewing the labour market and found that 30 per cent of businesses report they are facing a labour shortage. While there are various causes for the shortage, including an unwillingness on the […]

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Technical and scientific skills aren't enough

Technical and scientific skills aren’t enough in today’s workforce   Show Your Softer Side by Rosemarie Christopher As a whole, most experienced professionals value their technical mastery highly, and rightfully so. After all, look at the marvel of scientific achievement that is Curiosity, the robot the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory just put on Mars. Currently, […]

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