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CRA Candidate Locations for CRA Recruitment Agency MEIRxRSThe CRA recruitment agency MEIRxRS has placed hundreds of CRAs at large companies like J&J and Novartis as well as at small biotech firms. We can place people as a permanent placement or a staffing solution. Whether you need a team of CRAs or just a contractor we can help.

CRA Position Overview

A clinical research associate oversees the process of research to ensure that all SOPs are being followed correctly, that sites follow Good Clinical Practices (GCPs) and that the resulting data will be accurate and usable for analysis and eventual presentation to the FDA.

CRAs are critical to successful clinical trials. Without them data would likely come back incomplete or incorrect resulting in danger to the patient population or a costly repeat of the study. Because of the highly-specialized nature of the work, a specialty in a therapeutic line is usually required.

Tasks and Expectations

A clinical research associate is expected to travel a lot, upwards of 75% of the time. Clinical trial sites are typically spread across the country (sometimes across the world) and CRAs are expected to visit sites to monitor data and conduct audits. Though one may be separated from friends and family, they get the opportunity to see many places and interact with people who have a wide array of backgrounds.

How to Become a CRA

If you are interested in becoming a clinical research associate consider our apprenticeship program. The program offers pay and benefits and typically takes two years to complete while the apprentice works toward a clinical research certification.

CRA Candidates

If you are working as a CRA or are interested in becoming a clinical research associate then Contact A Talent Manager. As a CRA recruitment agency, we work with a number of clients for whom you may be a fit.

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