May 4th, 2016

Skype Interview Tips

Skype interview tips are covered in this great video by Matt Gnaizda.

These tips are great for online meetings too.

Watch it on YouTube:


You only get one first impression. Skype has become the first impression that employers get of candidates. These interviews are being used it to whittle down the candidate pool for face to face interviews.

Matt walks you through four simple Skype Interview Tips to help you look like a pro. He suggests you find a quiet place, create a good background, ensure good lighting and make sure you look good. It sounds so simple but we’ve interviewed a number of candidates who failed miserably at these four tips.

Another great resource for interviewing online is Ace Your Skype Job Interview: 14 Smart Tips from CBS. Many points are covered by both but CBS has a few extra tips about dealing with pets, children and attire.

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