Apprenticeship Program for Military Veterans

Apprenticeship Program for Military Veterans in Life SciencesOur Apprenticeship Program for Military Veterans is a fully-paid position (W2 plus benefits) with on the job learning. The apprenticeship is designed to combine the leadership skills, mission focus and reliability learned in the armed forces with an industry certification to ensure long-term private-sector employability. Our program is designed to help veterans enter into careers in the life-sciences sector (food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries).

Our grants cover part of the cost of training and employing apprentices while they work toward an industry certification, typically one or two years. The Apprenticeship Program for Military Veterans is plug-n-play for companies that want to build their Corporate Social Responsibility but don’t have many resources.

MEIRxRS will keep the apprentice on track toward earning their certification. As the employer of record we ensure that each apprentice meets the educational and experiential requirements for certification. In instances where the apprentice is behind schedule, we work with the employer to get the apprentice back on track. We provide the apprentice a full range of benefits and we also provide insurance for the employer against errors of omission.

At the end , the military veteran can be converted to a full-time employee by the host company, can convert to a staffing arrangement or MEIRxRS will work to find a permanent position with another employer.

Current Apprenticeships

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