May 16th, 2016

Lab Apprentices —Building a Workforce in a Tight Labor Market

Lab Apprentices are now available for CLIA, CAP and 17025 labs in California.
Lab apprentices pipet

“We are pleased with [our apprentice] who has been valuable to effectively upgrade our quality control programs, bring a youthful vision and spirit to our workforce, and help us develop a competent team for the future,” said Kevin Kimura of Red Shell Foods, Inc. in Sante Fe Springs, CA.

We are hoping to bring the same satisfaction our food companies have to labs.

Quality is important in all industries, but it is particularly important in labs where getting the correct result the first time is critical. That’s why we require lab apprentices to get a quality certification (CQIA).  A number of labs have recognized that with FSMA regulations coming down, food testing will be a growing book of business.  The apprenticeship program can help them get a jump on their competitors and reduce lab turnover.

Lab apprentices are available under our federally and state-recognized Quality Apprenticeship Program. MEIRxRS  was published this month in the American Society for Quality’s Journal for Quality and Participation (free log-in) detailing the program.

Hiring managers consistently paint the picture of a shortage of skilled workers. Position descriptions frequently include requirements of between two to seven years of work experience. Employers need candidates who can hit the ground running without extensive on-boarding or training. This shortage of experienced and skilled workers has affected regulated industries, particularly in their ability to attract the right talent to serve customers well.

Read more at ASQ’s Journal for Quality and Participation.