Life Science Recruiters in San Diego and La Jolla, California

Life Science Recruiters in San Diego - picture from Farmer & SeahorseLa Jolla and San Diego is one of the top markets we serve.

We will help you find the right candidates by dedicating 70-100 hours of search including original research, database search with cold calling and cold-emailing, procuring additional lists if necessary, advertising, social media and seeking referrals. Our goal is to deliver 3 top notch candidates.

In other words, you’ll be challenged to find life science recruiters in San Diego that know how to work the pharma, biotech and medical device industries the way we do.

We specialize in uncovering seasoned professionals for top-echelon executive and VP-level positions in Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, and Medical Affairs. Working with MEIRxRs allows you to choose from a vast network of premium candidates, with proven industry success.

Partner with MEI, and you can:

  • Take your pick of top-performing, seasoned professionals with proven leadership experience in the industry’s leading companies.
  • Fine-tune your search for specialty niche positions. Our adaptable, comprehensive recruitment and screening guarantees the right candidate for critical, high-level positions.
  • Stay cost-effective by freeing your company of costly and ineffective hiring processes. Let us efficiently match the perfect candidate to your exact requirements.
  • Stay competitive with proven subject matter experts and global industry leaders. Find the best and brightest, and eliminate margin of error.
  • Minimize risk with our guaranteed placement/replacement policy.

About Our Recruiters

We are a boutique agency that provides life science staffing and life science recruiters in San Diego and La Jolla.

Rosemarie Christopher is our CEO of the MEIRxRS family of companies. She has a strong understanding of employment, on the job training and retention of multigenerational workforce from over 25 years’ experience in recruiting and placing technical and scientific STEM (STEM: Science Technology Engineering Math) professionals.

Lewie has been recruiting Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Quality Control professionals for us for over 10 years.  He is an leader in the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and follows standard making bodies for certification and compliance closely.  He also helps MEIRxRS organize events about Quality for FDA-regulated businesses.

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About Our Search Process

Our search agreements are simply one-page.  Once we get a search agreement in place we aim to provide three top notch candidates within 21 business days.  To do that we start with a kick-off call to discuss what you would and would not like to see in candidates.  We will also ask a few questions that will help us “sell” your company and the position to passive candidates.

What makes us successful as life science recruiters in San Diego (and  successful as life science recruiters in La Jolla)is that 1) we know the market, 2) we know the industry and 3) we don’t take jobs that we can’t dedicate at least 70-100 hours of search time. Get started now!

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