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Quality Control Courses Online – CQIA Primer at Citrus College

Quality Control Courses Online at Citrus College

Quality Control Courses OnlineCitrus College will be offering the CQIA primer course in the 2018 spring term.

The 100% online class is scheduled for Feb 21st to June 16th.  The class will be taught by Amanda Van-Leersum-Morano.  Amanda has worked in clinical labs and has a strong understanding of quality and regulatory topics.  The registration period at Citrus begins soon and will go until the course starts.

Look for BIOT 125 – Quality and Regulatory Practices in Biotechnology the Citrus College Course Catalog.

MEIRxRS CEO, Rosemarie Christopher helped to get the Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) knowledge bank into the California Community College system via her leadership role in the ASQ. After completing the course through the community college, you can move on to additional quality control courses online on the ASQ website.

MEIRxRS provides Executive Search for VP of Quality, Recruiting, and Staffing in Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Also, through our Rx RESEARCH Services Foundation we created the nation’s first Quality Control Apprenticeships.

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