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Clinical Operations Staffing

Clinical operations staffing will move your compound to market on-time and on-budget. At MEIRxRS, we know the clinical research business inside and out.

MEIRxRS combines CRO functional services with tried and true, experienced clinical research staffing solutions. A contract approach greatly reduces overhead. This cost-benefit is passed on directly to you. So, you only have the staff you need, when you need them, during the course of a project.  We operate in a seamless, integrated manner with your team. You maintain control of your studies; we handle the rest.

MEIRxRS has experienced consultants in a multitude of clinical research roles.

You Are Covered

We have processes to keep you out of trouble. We cover taxes and workers compensation. We also insure each contract worker for errors, omissions and even fraud. We handle bi-weekly reporting and monitor their progress toward achieving your business goals.

Contract workers are paid bi-weekly. We offer each a full range of benefits including healthcare, vision, and dental. This helps insure they see their project through to the end.

Professional Expertise for Clinical Research

Clinical research professionals are in short supply and high demand. This makes recruiting a time-consuming process. If you’re committing valuable budget and resources to clinical trials research staffing, training, and employee management, we can help.

We are dedicated to finding and screening clinical research professionals and uncovering the expertise you require. We handle the staffing details―from recruiting and placement to travel and benefits administration―that help you maintain control from Phase I, to regulatory submission, and on to post-marketing.

MEIRxRS provides NP, LPN, RN, BS, MS, Ph.D. and MD level positions to:

  • Rapidly scale your clinical operations, meet changing demands and eliminate gaps
  • Facilitate CRO relationships with experienced liaisons
  • Ensure accurate, efficient and timely completion of your clinical trials

Clinical Operations Staffing Positions

Some of the clinical operations staffing positions we can help with include:

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