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The 5 Success Habits of High Performance Teams

The 5 Success Habits of High Performance Teams

December 7, 2012 – Educational Seminar

Topic: The 5 Success Habits of High Performance Teams Full Day Seminar
Presenter: Chris Alexander

There is no difference between a high-performance business team and a team of Olympic athletes. In business as with world-class sports teams, teamwork is a competitive advantage. The NYFD and other emergency workers on 9/11 succeeded in saving many lives by working in teams. NASA has been teaching astronauts to work in teams since Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 employees made teamwork a major success factor.

When a group of individuals comes together behind a common set of goals and core values, barriers are broken and magic is in the air . . . and customers can sense it and benefit from it.

By attending, the audience will learn…

    • The 5 success habits of high-performance team
    • The difference between group think and teamwork
    • Who are the best team players
    • How to create project ownership
    • How to build a high performance team

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