Apprenticeship Program

Life Science Apprenticeship Program overview

The apprenticeship program helps people locked out of the work force to start a career in life sciences.

The greatest problem is employer requirements for experience among entry-level hires, which begs the question of where is an entry level hire to get experience first? We are working to bridge this gap.

If you are a military veteran, student, mother returning to the workforce or an individual coming off disability then consider submitting your resume today. If an opportunity close to you opens up we will contact you.

Our Rx Research Services Foundation partners with host companies to provide apprenticeships. Host companies come from the life sciences industries we serve, which include food, pharm, biotech and medical devices, all regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The program is certified through the US Department of Labor.

Each apprenticeship is custom built to suit the needs of the host company and the candidate. We monitor the progress of the apprentice to ensure they stay on course to achieve the industry certification.

The current apprenticeship program includes:

  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory Affairs and Compliance
  • Clinical Trials Associate
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Biostatistics & Clinical Data
  • Drug Safety

Apprenticeships vs Internships

The program is more structured for both the employer and the apprentice/employee.

  • Apprentices stay: (87%) of apprentices convert to full-time employees of their host employers.
  • The program is a plug-n-play training program for companies that don’t have one.
  • If a mentor (with the same industry certification) is not available at the host company, we will provide one and pay them a stipend.
  • Each apprentice is fully paid.
  • Apprentices must work toward an industry certification while they remain in the program.
  • The employer can hire an apprentice after the apprentice earns their industry certification

In short, it’s for those companies that don’t have onboarding & training programs but that need to build an exceptional workforce.


Question: Are apprenticeships paid?
Answer: Yes. We pay apprentices as W2 employees and offer them same benefits available to all employees of our staffing company. These benefits include health insurance, 401K and dental.

Question: Is there a charge to the apprentice?
Answer: No. There is no charge to apply or enroll in the program. We provide training and mentorship with our grants. The host company contributes to base pay.

Question: What are the basic requirements?
Answer: Apprentices must either be a military veteran or have at least an Associate degree from a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) program.

Question: Can I apply to be an apprentice if I am fully-employed already?
Answer: Under limited circumstances. For example, we are providing incumbent apprenticeship in Food Manufacturing.

Question: Can apprentices work remotely / work from home?
Answer: No. This is an on-the-job learning opportunity that requires supervision as part of learning and feedback.

Question: Are apprenticeships available nationwide?
Answer: We currently are funded to place apprentices in the state of California. We anticipate additional funding that will allow us to place apprentices nationwide soon.

Question: Can candidates with OPT or that need sponsorship enroll in the apprenticeship program?
Answer: We are funded for individuals with authorization to work in the United States for any employer (without sponsorship).

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Educators and job seekers alike should check out Career Resources in Biotechnology at SCBC Miramar. You can also visit our OpenTech.LA supporting individuals for careers in technology and is one of our partners.


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