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Video tips on writing a resume for pharma

Writing a Resume for Pharma or Biotech Career -Advice from Professional Writer

Writing a Resume for Pharma No matter how technically astute you are, if you can’t sell your strengths during your job search, your job search can run much longer than you like. Here are some tips from Fatemah Mirza, professional resume writer at CareerTuners on writing a resume for pharma or biotech resume: 1) Use […]

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Clinical Trial Sites Work-flow diagram For clinical research staffing agency and Clinical Operations Staffing agency, created in conjunction with a Director of Clinical Research Operations

How Do Clinical Trial Sites Work?

How Do Clinical Trial Sites Work? Clinical trial sites work to serve both patients and sponsors. They are critical to the advancement of medical science. Clinical trial sites are where drugs, medical devices and other therapies are tested on human beings. That data is then used by sponsors for FDA Approval of the product. This guide […]

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Investigate Employers

Investigate Employers: A Guide for Candidates

Investigate Employers: A Guide for Candidates Do these six steps to investigate employers before your next interview … …  or before accept your next job offer. This guide will help you investigate your prospective employer. You will be able to evaluate the company’s ethics, culture, turnover and level of resources. With this guide you will learn how […]

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Build a Happy Team

Build a Happy Team - A downloadable guide

Build a Happy Team On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you in your job? How happy are those who report to you? According to recent polls, more than half of all employees are unhappy in their jobs. Yet more and more research is showing that happy employees are productive employees. Unhappy and disengaged […]

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Transferable skills word-art

Transferable Skills to Add to Your Resume

Transferable skills to add to your resume Skills acquired from doing volunteer work, community service and other professional membership activities are all applicable and transferable to your next job.  Here are a list of transferable skills that should be on your resume: Communication:  writes clearly and concisely, speaks effectively, listens attentively, openly expresses ideas, negotiates/resolves […]

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Top 20 Skills You Need To Become An Effective Leader

Top 20 Skills You Need To Become An Effective Leader Do you aspire to become a Executive Leader of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Clinical Research, or Medical Affairs? Leadership skills for  are increasingly crucial given that you will have to set a course for an entire team, keep them all on track and keep them unified […]

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Apprenticeship Program Overview

Free Professional Development Opportunities in Biotech and Medical Devices

Free Professional Development Opportunities Are you looking for a professional growth opportunity? Our Foundation has received funding to pay for certifications for individuals in California in Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device industries. The funding will cover for free: Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) primer and exam fees Second approved certification study materials and exam fees […]

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Quality Control Courses Online - CQIA Primer at Citrus College

Quality Control Courses Online at Citrus College Citrus College will be offering the CQIA primer course in the 2018 spring term. The 100% online class is scheduled for Feb 21st to June 16th.  The class will be taught by Amanda Van-Leersum-Morano.  Amanda has worked in clinical labs and has a strong understanding of quality and regulatory […]

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2017 San Diego Quality Conference

2017 San Diego Quality Conference November 3 and 4

Apprenticeship Program to be Featured at 2017 San Diego Quality Conference Friday, November 3, 2017 and Saturday, November 4, 2017 Rosemarie Christopher will be presenting at the 5th Annual 2017 San Diego Quality Conference about the Quality Control Apprenticeship program. The conference theme is Quality and Culture Change: Organizations build and incrementally improve the capability and […]

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How to calculate the cost of complaints

How do I calculate the cost of complaints?

How do I calculate the cost of complaints? Do you need to get a rough idea of how much customer complaints are hurting you? Use this formula when talking to your Chief Financial Officer to measure the bottom line impact from the complaints you are receiving. Market Research has also published a decent page on how […]

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Life Science Professional Organizations

Life Science Professional Organizations

Life Science Professional Organizations Below is a list of life science professional organizations that many of our food, pharma, biotech, medical device and clinical research clients are members of. Consider actively participating in some of these organizations to advance your professional career. APCR: Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research AAPS: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists […]

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Skype Interview Tips

Skype Interview Tips - by Matt Gnaizd to Ace Your Online Interviews

Skype Interview Tips Skype interview tips are covered in this great video by Matt Gnaizda. These tips are great for online meetings too. Watch it on YouTube:   You only get one first impression. Skype has become the first impression that employers get of candidates. These interviews are being used it to whittle down the candidate pool for […]

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Apprenticeship Program for FDA-Regulated Companies

Video Case Studies: How Apprentices Are Solving Problems in Pharma and Food

Video Case Studies: How Apprentices Are Solving Problems in Pharma and Food Companies The transcript and video case studies below feature interviews with host company representatives, mentors and apprentices working in the Pharmaceutical industry and food industry. Transcript of the Video Case Studies: Why Life Science Apprenticeships From 1992 to the present Rx Research Services […]

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