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As a company, you’re focused on results. That’s why MEIRxRS customizes its services to fit each client’s needs. From talent solutions to auditing, we work to find the right solution for you, helping to move your company forward.


Audit Services

As a company, you want to ensure that you are following all regulations to keep your business running smoothly. For any of your regulation questions or concerns, MEIRxRS has experienced auditors who can help through a comprehensive audit, audit consulting and audit preparation.


Why Training

Each Year, as a result of Food Borne Illness, 48 Million people in the U.S. become ill, with 128 ,000 hospitalized. Food safety ensure food producers use Preventative Controls to reduce these statistics. Many FDA-regulated companies require employees to have specific certifications. In collaboration with our Life Sciences Foundation, we offer opportunities to qualify for these certifications, including courses in Quality and Regulatory Compliance. Our trainees train for lasting food safety, and we hope to provide clear career opportunities for underserved students and community members to advance in skilled careers, developing a committed culture to quality and safety. These Life Sciences Industry recognized certifications help anyone looking to start or enhance a career in the life sciences, simultaneously assisting your company to stay within the regulations and keep your business on track.

Protect Your Brand

  • Recalls are public knowledge
  • Maintain positive customer reviews and satisfaction, keeping a happy clientele
  • Protecting your brand will help your company grow

Promote Compliance

  • Agencies publicly share information on non-compliant companies
  • Most problems are systems issues (not individual employee issues) and as such are responsibility of management

Preventing Recalls

  • Recalls may be triggered by an injury or death
  • Maintain a well-documented cost of prevention
  • Catching non-conformance early costs less than 1% of the cost of a defective product in the hands of a customer



In STEM, talent is in high demand. Both companies and professionals are seeking apprenticeship opportunities. As part of our Life Sciences Foundation, we help to recruit and match apprentices to companies.

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