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You are focused on results, not means.

That is why we offer a menu of services. So that you can achieve the end result you are looking for and leave us to propose the best means for you to get there.


Use auditing to avert recalls, ensure supplier quality, ensure patient safety, protect brand equity – our auditors cover GMP, GCP, HACCP, Pharmacovigilance and more. Visit our page on Auditors.


Be good by doing good. Apprenticeships support your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts while helping military veterans, parents or the formerly disabled to return to the private sector workforce. The apprenticeship program includes: Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, Clinical Research and are designed for FDA-regulated businesses. Find out more about the Apprenticeship Program.


Staffing is a great way to get expertise to implement your vision without the risks of a permanent hire. We handle all the back office for you, including W2, benefits, insurance, taxes and government compliance. Learn more about our staffing solutions.


Hiring managers want to use recruiters. The best reason is that it takes them at least 75 working hours to recruit the best talent.  This includes time spent writing job descriptions, combing through resumes, doing phone screens, scheduling interviews and checking references.  We can handle all that work for your hiring manager.

We’ve already spent thousands of hours interviewing candidates in FDA-regulated industries. Tap into our expertise and use our recruiting services today.


When you need high-level experts who can help you set the strategic vision of your company give us a call. Rest assured that we handle compliance issues, issue 1099s, and provide insurance for omissions and errors. Having worked in FDA-regulated industries (food, pharma, biotech, medical device, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals) for years, we already have a strong network and can help you find the best consultant to reach your goals.  Learn more about our consultants today.

Executive Search

When you’ve grown so much consultants will no longer suffice, rely on us to find your top talent. We already talk to vice presidents of clinical operations, regulatory affairs, quality assurance and medical affairs every day about fulfilling their objectives. The best ones are busy working toward their company’s goals, not trolling job boards. Rely on us for your executive search.

Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

When your study has run into a problem give us a call. We specialize in study rescues where other CROs have failed. We understand the need for high-quality data and impeccable analysis. We will build a custom team to get your study back on track and back on budget. Learn how our CRO | Clinical Research Organization can save your study.

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