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GMP Auditors Certified by ASQ

HACCP Auditors examine, question, evaluate and report on your safety system’s adequacy and deficiencies. The HACCP Auditor analyzes all elements of the system and reports on how well it adheres to the criteria for management and control of process safety. To do this, they know the standards and principles of auditing a HACCP-based (or process-safety) system.

Six reasons to use our Certified HACCP Auditors

1. We organize and sponsor CHA review workshops and exams as member leaders in ASQ. We have access to the experts who instruct the next generation in passing the CHA exam. This includes contractors, in-house auditors, executive management, academics and government officials. For you, we remain at the forefront of food safety training.
2. Our HACCP auditors will find out what is wrong with the process before it leads to a costly recall or a FDA warning letter.
3. We promote ethos, dedication and ethical behavior in the food industry. Only by maintaining ethical behavior will an auditor deliver true value for the client.
4. Your HACCP auditors will have years of experience training, consulting and auditing diverse companies in the food industry.
5. You will receive a successful, satisfying outcome. Throughout the process, you will have direct access to our CEO to address your concerns.
6. Our auditors are also hold FSPCA PCQI certificate.

Certified HACCP Auditors can help you to:

• Remain focused and improve your Core Businesses
• Fulfil the requirements of audits and due diligences in the least possible time
• Operate your facility within national and international frameworks and legislation
• Implement and maintain your HACCP System within budgetary constraints
• Develop Quality and Food Safety Policies, Procedures and Checklists

Certified HACCP Auditors form a vital link in the Food Safety Chain by providing a cost effective, professional service to food industries such as:

• Beverage Bottling Plants.
• Central Production Kitchens.
• Dairy Industry: Milking, Processing, Packing and Transporters.
• Fish Industry: Wholesale & Retail, Processors and Transporters.
• Fruit & Vegetable: Packing Sheds, Wholesale & Retail, Processors and Transporters.
• Grains and Cereals-Millers and Processors.
• Hospitality Industry: Hotels & Guest Houses, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Event & Contract Caterers.
• Meat Industry: Abattoirs, Processors, Wholesale & Retail and Transporters.
• Sauce Manufacturers, Spices & Herb Blenders & Packers.

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