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Resume Writing Ten-Day Challenge - Just $10

Resume Writing Ten-Day Challenge – $10  Your browser does not support the video tag. Improve your resume with this 10-day challenge on time and if you’re not satisfied we will refund your money. This challenge will teach you how to: write a better summary use the summary to guide your career uncover things that […]

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Top Biotech Companies

Top Biotech Companies - Career Search All 25 of Them at Once

Top Biotech Companies – Career Search The Top biotech companies have convoluted career sites. It is frequently difficult to find where to search jobs and often more complicated than it needs to be. Career Search All of Them at Once Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN) published a list of the Top 25 Biotech companies. Their […]

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Five Tips for Assessing Your Next Employer

Five Tips for Assessing Your Next Employer Five tips for assessing your next employer to ensure you will be a success in your new position. How do you know if your next employer will be a good place to work? Use these tips to ensure your next job is a step in the right direction. Your […]

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"Right Fit Job" for the South Bay Professionals Association

“Right Fit Job” for the South Bay Professionals Association Finding the right fit job in the ever evolving global workplace was the topic when Rosemarie Christopher spoke to the South Bay Professionals Association.  To retain Rosemarie to speak to your group or to see powerpoint presentations about being employable no matter the state of the economy, […]

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Job Seekers Earn More Money Working with Staffing Firms

Job Seekers Earn More Money Working with Staffing Firms Job seekers earn more temping and leverage staffing firms to get better pay. More than half of U.S. workers plan to engage with a staffing firm for their job search, and 70 percent of those candidates believe they will get a larger salary and compensation package because they […]

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Careers in Science

Careers in Science Fair Friday September 13, 2013 USC Health Sciences Campus From Bench to the Clinic: Developing a Novel Cancer Therapeutic

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2013 Jobs in Demand

2013 Jobs in Demand If you’re finding it hard to find quality candidates, you’re not alone. CIBC World Markets recently published a study reviewing the labour market and found that 30 per cent of businesses report they are facing a labour shortage. While there are various causes for the shortage, including an unwillingness on the […]

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Salary Trends for New Grads

Salary Trends for New Grads According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the 2012 bachelor’s degree graduates show a 4.5% increase in median salary from $40,735 to $42,569. Math and science degree graduates’ median salary up by 2.5 % from last year – $40,939 Computer sciences graduates starting salaries up 2/4% now at […]

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Top 50 Happiest Places to Work

Top 50 Happiest Places to Work Here is the top 50 happiest companies to work in 2012 based on work-life balance, one’s relationship with their boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and job control over the work  on a daily basis. Rank      Company 1 […]

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