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ASQ HDL Webinar: Successfully Build Productive Teams

ASQ HDL Webinar: Successfully Build Productive Teams If you missed Rosemarie Christopher’s ASQ Human Development & Leadership webinar live, click VIEW WEBINAR now to hear the recorded version of the presentation. At the end of the presentation, find out how you can get the presentation handouts for free!

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Successfully Build Productive Teams

Successfully Build Productive Teams    Manage Personalities While Navigating Workplace Politics Join us for an ASQ HD&L Hosted Webinar on Tuesday, August 13 4:00pm-5:00pm PST Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: Whether you are building a new team, or simply adding new members to an already existing team, choosing the right […]

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Lose the "know it all" attitude

Lose the “know it all” attitude All generations, especially Millennials,  share a common trait: having a “know it all” attitude. No one on earth knows it all. You might know more than others, so share what you know and your reputation will follow.  Unless you can prove that you can do the job, no one will […]

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Do your work the way you want to do it

Do your work the way you want to do it   Generation Y (Millennial) is brought up on technology, so use it to your advantage. You want and expect to have a work life balance, use technology to be more efficient in doing your work. Learn to communicate and justify how your work process allows […]

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Technical and scientific skills aren't enough

Technical and scientific skills aren’t enough in today’s workforce   Show Your Softer Side by Rosemarie Christopher As a whole, most experienced professionals value their technical mastery highly, and rightfully so. After all, look at the marvel of scientific achievement that is Curiosity, the robot the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory just put on Mars. Currently, […]

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Old Professional vs. New Professional

Professional: Old vs. New Old professional vs new professional: different ways of thinking in a multi-generational workforce. Putting yourself in other’s shoes helps to see why your workstyles are so different and can reduce workplace tension. Source:

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Multigenerational Workplace: Adapting to Survive and Thrive

Multigenerational Workplace: Adapting to Survive and Thrive   Multigenerational workplace drivers change and innovation include: Technology- the evolution of high-tech work tools has pushed the boundaries of how, what, where and when manufacturing, knowledge and service work is realized. Economy-new and improved technologies accelerated globalization to uncontrollable speed and critical mass Cultural and Societal Forces-a melting pot […]

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