August 31st, 2012

Adding Value to Your Product – Building a Market Access Plan


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


BIOCOM Boardroom
4510 Executive Drive, Plaza 7
San Diego, California 92121


Tony Grover, Director of Marketing and Reimbursement, PhotoThera, Inc.

Michael Pollock, Reynolds Pollock & Associate

Achieving optimal reimbursement and market access is a critical success factor for any new health technology in today’s cost-constrained marketplace. While gaining reimbursement is viewed by some organizations as simply a barrier to success that needs to be overcome, many companies are seeking to use their market access capability as a means of positively differentiating the company and their products from the competition.

Even for companies who have no plans to commercialize their new technology themselves, having a well thought out and achievable market access strategy that complements the clinical development strategy, can add significantly to the value of their assets.

Beginning with a thorough understanding global payer needs and evidence requirements, through identifying points of economic leverage, building a compelling value story and generating a robust foundation of evidence, this session will take the participant through a step by step review of the key components of a strategic market access plan.

In addition, the session will identify key challenges to implementation of the strategy by providing a solid understanding of current coding, coverage and payment, and reviewing how best to create and communicate compelling value messages for the key stakeholder audiences.

As usual, there will be ample time for a Q&A session and opportunity to network with your industry colleagues.

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