April 19th, 2016

Calculating the Cost of a Recall – 14 costs

Calculating the cost of a recall before it happens will help your executives understand how much to allot toward preventing a recall.

Calculating the Cost of a Recall - Value of Recalled Goods

Value of Recalled Goods 2014

You may think your company is under the government’s radar.

But, you are wrong!

Almost one-third recalls conducted in 2014 are from small companies under 5 employees.

Using data from the FDA and USDA we worked on calculating the cost of a recall. The average market value of products recalled in 2014 was $1,563,551 with a median of$33,598.  Small businesses make up the vast majority of recalled product. The visible cost of a product recall is just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of the total cost of a recall are the hidden costs as listed below:

$________________ Cost of Manufactured Goods

$________________ Product Disposal Costs

$________________ Change in Insurance Premiums

$________________ Business Interruption

$________________ Customer Reimbursement

$________________ Customer Damages

$________________ Retailer Reimbursements

$________________ Transportation

$________________ External Professional Fees

$________________ Sanitizing Production Facilities

$________________ Warehousing Costs

$________________ Internal Time and Expense

$________________ Loss of Brand/Reputation

$________________ Government Fines and Penalties

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