March 8th, 2012

Top 20 Skills You Need To Become An Effective Leader

Do you aspire to become a Executive Leader of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Clinical Research, or Medical Affairs? Leadership skills for  are increasingly crucial given that you will have to set a course for an entire team, keep them all on track and keep them unified with your vision.

What you need and don’t have when it comes to leadership talent:

  1. Ability to balance work/life priorities
  2. Ability to learn new things quickly
  3. Ability to build and mend relationships diplomatically
  4. Ability to understand human nature through compassion, sensitivity and empathy
  5. Ability to remain calm and composed
  6. Ability to confront people
  7. Ability to work and adapt in a culturally diverse environment
  8. Ability to act decisively
  9. Ability to do whatever it takes to overcome challenges
  10. Ability to coach and develop people in their job
  11. Ability to recognize and reward people’s achievements
  12. Ability to direct and lead people
  13. Ability to facilitate and manage change
  14. Ability to network and promote one’s career
  15. Ability to listen and communicate information
  16. Ability to put people at ease
  17. Ability to work effectively with management
  18. Ability to respect diversity in the workplace
  19. Ability to be aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses
  20. Ability to visualize and plan objectives strategically

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