January 14th, 2014

Ensuring Success with Your Lean Initiative

Tools and Techniques for Driving Change

The Courtyard by Marriott Tuesday January 14, 2014@ 6:00 PM.

Ensuring Success with Your Lean Initiative:

Tools and Techniques for Driving Change

By Doug Howardell, CPIM PMP

Please join us at our January 2014 PDM, on Tuesday January 14th, with a presentation by Doug Howardell
Implementing Lean and all other process improvement initiatives require you to get people to perform in new ways. Getting Lean means, among other things, you want people to identify and eliminate waste. If you’re implementing a new ERP system then you want people to use new tools, screens and reports, and to work in new collaborative ways. Think of anything you want to improve in your business: reduce cost, improve quality, reduce lead time, anything, and you’ll realize all of these improvements require people to change the way they perform, the way they behave.

Most of the time initiatives that require people to change fall into two camps.  We either assume people will naturally change from the old way to the new way, or we say how important change management is and then assume someone else is doing that because we don’t have a clue how to get people to change. This presentation will explain what you should be doing to get people to perform in new ways. It will explain specific tools and techniques for getting people to change what they do and how they do it.


We will explain the three key steps in change management:

1. Understand the current behavior and what’s supporting it

2. Identify the critical new behaviors you want

3. Develop a plan to change the behaviors from the current to the new


Next we will introduce and explain the critical steps in the behavior change plan:

Align, Train, Enable, and Inspire


The presenter will use real examples from real projects to illustrate the tools and techniques and by the end you’ll know enough to apply them to ensure success in your lean initiative or in any other type of business improvement you want to implement.

About our Speaker:

Doug Howardell is an independent consultant who specializes in helping clients manage their business improvement projects.  During the past twenty-five years he has led projects to select and implement new business systems, design new processes and tools, and a large variety of other process improvement projects.  He has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of project management and operations management.  Before becoming an independent project and change manager, held various management positions in a Fortune 100 company. Additionally, Mr. Howardell has long experience teaching and training. He is an active member of the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) and the Project Management Institute.


Who should attend: Professionals from all levels of organizations in companies involve in manufacturing in the United States or aboard.Bring your boss, bring your co-workers, or bring your whole department! Make your reservation now by going to www.apics-vc.org.


Also, remember if you hold an APICS certification, attending PDM’s helps you to accrue points for the certification maintenance.


We’ll see you at The Courtyard by Marriott Tuesday January 14, 2014@ 6:00 PM.


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