August 9th, 2013

The Value of Good Science

Special Summer Event A Night at Discovery Science Center

Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group

Monday, August 19, 2013


Discovery Science Center

Special Summer Event A Night at Discovery Science Center

Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group

Monday, August 19, 2013


Discovery Science Center

2500 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705

(714) 542 – CUBE


Program Managers:

James R. Lusk, RAC, Principal, Quality Systems International

Del Stagg, PhD, Consultant in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance



5:00 – 6:00 pm   Registration and Visit Exhibits 

6:00 – 7:00 pm   Dinner

7:00 – 8:30 pm   Presentation 

 Bring your family and friends to the Discovery Science Center and discover science. Let your imagination run wild and learn about the wonders of science by visiting the “DaVinci – The Genius” exhibit.

We think you will have a wonderful time enjoying the exhibits and fun of this unique OCRA event – the Discovery Science Center will be closed to other visitors and OCRA will be the exclusive explorers on the evening of August 19, 2013.

One of the missions of the Discovery Science Center is to support science. In keeping with the theme, OCRA will be providing a program on “The Value of Good Science.”

As regulatory professionals, science and the scientific method play an important part in the design of products; verification, validation and operational aspects of our businesses; and the ultimate success of our companies.

Too often “good science” is overlooked – we look back on protocols, raw data, and reports only to conclude the study must be repeated, resulting in unnecessary costs and delays in regulatory approvals and bringing new products to market.

Join us in presentations and discussions on the Value of Good Science while your family and friends are visiting the exhibits. Of course, your adult guests and teenagers interested in science are welcome to attend the lectures, in addition to enjoying the Discovery Science Center.

We look forward to seeing you August 19th at the Discovery Science Center. In addition, there will be a light supper and refreshments for all to enjoy.


$25 OCRA Members 

$75 Non Members (includes OCRA Membership for one year)
$25 Family Member or Guest of OCRA Members
Free for kids under 14

About Discovery Science Center (DSC)  

DSC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating young minds, assisting teachers and increasing public understanding of science, math and technology through interactive exhibits and programs. The Science Center impacts nearly 740,000 Southern California residents annually. This includes 520,000 family members visiting the Science Center in Santa Ana along with students participating in field trips. In addition, another 220,000 students and teachers take part in educational programming or free professional development in their own classroom through the Center’s California Science Standards aligned outreach programs. Because of this outreach into the community and our innovative hands-on programs, the Science Center was awarded the 2013 National Medal of Service by the Institute of Museum and Library Services for excellence in community service. This medal is the highest honor conferred on museums and libraries and it celebrates institutions that make a difference for individuals and families within their local community. The Discovery Science Center is the first California science center to receive this honor since it began almost 30 years ago.

This summer is full of adventure at the Science Center. Guests can channel their inner artist, inventor and scholar while learning about the multiple talents of legendary artist Leonardo Da Vinci in the Da Vinci: The Genius exhibit. This interactive area showcases his many inventions as well as dissects some of his most famous pieces of art. For the younger visitors, the Science Center is presenting the Lego Castle Adventure! exhibit where guests study the physics of castle construction and channel their inner engineer with the world’s most versatile building tools…Legos.


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Discovery Science Center

2500 North Main Street

Santa Ana, CA 92705

(714) 542 – CUBE


Discovery Science Center

Is located at the intersection of Main Street and the 5 freeway in Santa Ana, just 1/2 mile north of 17th Street and 1/4 mile south of the Main Place mall.


Directions to Discovery Science Center from San Diego

Take the 5 north. Exit at Main Street North and Broadway in Santa Ana. You will see a sign for Discovery Science Center. Turn right onto Main Street, cross the intersection. Discovery Science Center is on the left side of Main Street. Turn left into our parking lot at 2500 North Main Street.


Directions to Discovery Science Center from Burbank

Take the 5 South. Exit at Main North and Broadway in Santa Ana. You will see a sign for Discovery Science Center. Turn left at Santa Clara, Turn left again onto Main Street. Discovery Science Center is on the left side of Main Street. Turn Left into our parking lot at 2500 North Main Street.