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Career Development Tips From Industry Professionals

Career Development Tips From Industry Professionals


Words of wisdom from SABPA’s 8th Annual Education & Career Development industry professionals:

Bhasker V. Shetty, Ph.D., Vice President, Pfizer Worldwide R&D and Site Director of Pfizer La Jolla Laboratories

•    Learn to be independent, live with a diverse group of people and form life-long professional networks; respect all people
•    Be fair and do not to cut corners at the expense of customers; learn all aspects of the business and deliver on your promises
•    Do what you do best; share your knowledge; be detail oriented
•    Develop a clear communication style, learn to actively listen and present concise ideas, provide solutions and feedback, challenge conflict, get out of your comfort zone
•    Be a change agent; seek continuous improvement
•    Hire people smarter than you; don’t micromanage

Magda Marquet, Ph.D., Co-Chair & Founder, Althea Technologies
•    Before deciding on embarking your own business, you must decide:
o    what is the reason?
o    what is your purpose?
o    is there a clear market need?
•    Plan how your business will work and operate:
o    write a business plan; have a clear long term vision
o    find mentors; network with people
o    raise money
•    Get out of your comfort zone and listen to your guts
•    Don’t be afraid to take risks
•    Be willing to try new things but learn from the past
•    Obstacles lead you to new opportunities; always look at things from a different perspective
•    Surround yourself with a great team
•    It is important to have fun and celebrate
•    Be thankful and give back
•    Cash is QUEEN!

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