FSMA – Food Safety Modernization Act Compliance

FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act

FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act ensures the quality and safety of our food supply.

FSMA regulations got you down?

We’ve been spearheading efforts to help our clients comply with Food Safety Modernization Act regulations.

We sponsor the Quality Leadership Network, which will be hosting an event at FDA Irvine on September 24, 2016 to educate businesses on FSMA. Like last year’s 2015 FSMA workshop, we are personally speaking to many quality professionals and small business owners and conveyed their concerns to the event presenters.


We are offering a number of FSPCA FSMA training classes to help you earn the certificate for Preventive Controls for Human Foods (PCQI), as required by the FDA.

FSMA Apprentices

We also have two Quality Control Apprentices working with small businesses to ensure the safety of their products. This year, the US Department of Labor authorized $175M in grants for apprentices. MEIRxRS has been listed as a grant recipient through Managed Career Solutions. It is hoped that with the additional funding now released through US DOL that MEIRxRS will be able to put more apprentices to work at companies like yours that are struggling to comply with FSMA regulations.

We partner each apprentice with an expert in food safety. Each expert must have a relevant American Society for Quality Certification and have extensive experience writing and enforcing GMPs, Sanitation SOPs, Hygiene Training Manuals, a HACCP Plans, Recall Plans, and Labeling. If your company does not have such an expert we can provide a consultant for you.

The Food Safety Modernization Act ensures the quality and safety of our food supply. Watch our video on how apprentices are helping Marimix to improve documentation.

Food Safety Consultants

We’ve been active in the Quality profession for over 28 years. This includes being active members and authors for the American Society for Quality (ASQ), membership in the Food Industry Business Roundtable. We understand the Quality profession like no other.

You can spend your time compiling a short list of FSMA consultants, interviewing them, checking references, learning which certifications they should have, checking certifications, insuring that they pay their workers compensation and liability insurance.


You can rely on us to do all that for you.


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