August 17th, 2015

FSMA Compliance Workshop 2015


FSMA Compliance Workshop

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FSMA will impact your food business. Find out how and what to do about it. This is a free half day workshop on Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance.

Breakfast and refreshments are sponsored by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Food, Drug & Cosmetic Division, the Quality Leaders Network (QLN) Food Group, RxRS Apprenticeship Program and Food Safety Net Services.


FSMA is designed to ensure food quality from the farm to fork. FSMA requires all food manufacturers to have written and enforced GMPs, Sanitation SOPs, Hygiene Training Manuals, a HACCP Plan, Recall Plan and to upgraded labeling. Yet profit margins are thin for most food manufacturing companies while competition remains strong. To further complicate matters the supply-chain is fragmented despite the efforts of many manufacturers to simplify their recipes and reduce exposure to possible allergenic foods. The FDA is taking a Preventive Controls stance emphasizing ‘self-regulation’ so that they can support companies through educating while regulating. The net result is that the FSMA law requires manufacturers to ensure compliance not just for themselves but also for all their suppliers.

Who Should Attend

Two representatives from each company are highly suggested to attend the FSMA Compliance Workshop 2015.

  1. CEO, CFO, or VP of Finance
  2. Head of Quality (job description)

In the past, we’ve found that the workshops were informative for participants but when they went back to their offices, they had an up-hill battle getting buy-in from the financial decision makers. Especially, if support from multiple departments is required to implement changes, as is so often the case when improving Quality systems.

Companies with both representatives get first priority in attending this limited space workshop. With representation from both Quality and Finance, we can work to overcome objections and get greater buy in right there at the workshop. FDA gains an understanding of the constraints (financial, operational, technical, talent) that companies are facing. In turn, all this helps QLN Leadership to craft the message for reaching corporate decision-makers across the country and set realistic expectations.

There are a number of reasons for your executive or financial leaders to attend. Quality reduces the risk of costly recalls. Quality reduces customer complaints. Quality tools can reduce operating costs by eliminating waste and refurbishing. Quality can improve brand value. This is an opportunity to have a conversation with FDA, the very people with enforcement authority, about both the benefits and constraints your company faces with respect to Quality. If they are unwilling to spend a half day attending, it is unlikely you would be likely to succeed in getting buy in after the event is over.

FSMA Compliance Workshop 2015

Hosted by: LA District FDA
• Presentations by:
o CFSAN Food Supplier Verification
Program (FSVP.)
o The State of California Food Drug
o FDA’s plan for implementing the
new FSMA law.
o What resources are available to
o What industries are in the
compliance priority list.
• Participate in real life case studies
about causes, effects and COSTS of

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