June 8th, 2016


Rx Research Services receives US Department of Labor Certificate of Registration of Apprenticeship Program

Mentor Mas Hori and his Food Safety Apprentice Karnia recognized by RX Research Labor Certificate

Mentor Mas Hori and his Food Safety Apprentice Karnia

(May 30, 2016 Los Angeles, CA) STEM apprentices to get on the job training and employment as Microbiology Quality Control Technician Quality Control Technician, Regulatory Compliance Associates plus 6 more Apprenticeships in food and biotechnology industries

Imagining a shortened runway to professionalism in STEM employment in the United States is how the Rx Research Services got status as a Sponsor and Training Committee in the Federal & State of CA Apprenticeship program.

Though the Apprentice model is not new, Rx Research Services built on this best practice from the Swiss and Germans to create an American model for STEM Graduates and Veterans.

Entry level jobs are already a part of the rite of passage for young adults.  Apprenticeships, ‘on the job’ paid entry level work experiences utilize Subject Matter Expert Mentors, as well as online ‘plug and play’ learning packages.  This ensures a double win, jobs at Host companies which can realize in a very short time a return on their investment in the form of trained, experienced and certified individuals, doing the higher skills work of the new world economy.

In just over a year, Rx Research Services has completed creation and registration of 9 jobs with the State of CA Department of Apprenticeships.  The Federal DOL has approved two and is working to complete the vetting of the remaining 7 STEM jobs making them ‘apprenticeable’ for positions in the life sciences industries.

From June until December 2015, 3 STEM graduates and 2 Veterans were placed in California companies, the first STEM Apprentice compliance support for the Food Industries to the recently enacted Food Safety Modernization Act, (FSMA).

Practical education in the form of classroom learnings, on line studies and day to day practice at the Host company site, centers on the 5 basic FSMA requirements of the FDA for training, documentation and  implementation of SSOPs; GMP’s; Labeling, HACCP and Recall Planning.  While learning these things, the Apprentices under the mentor’s supervision prepare the documentation and implementation plans Food companies regulated for the first time in their history, need to meet FDA requirements.  Now that almost one dozen companies have Apprentices, with 15 more Apprentices to be placed in 2016, the proof of concept is completed and the program is prepared to launch throughout the State of CA.